Melbourne Quarter is one of the largest mixed-use urban regeneration developments in Melbourne. With more than 50 per cent of the 2.5 hectare site dedicated to public open space, Melbourne Quarter will be an exciting addition to the world’s most livable city and the perfect place to relax and unwind.  

Public spaces will include Melbourne’s first Sky Park elevated above Collins Street, a major public square on Collins Street, a neighbourhood park off Flinders Street and a new Melbourne laneway connecting Collins and Flinders streets.

Here in our public spaces, you’ll also begin to see public artworks and installations emerge as the precinct evolves, helping to tell the many stories of the site’s rich history.


Sky Park

With the first stage of the Sky Park now open, locals, visitors and workers can begin to be acquainted with their new soaring green backyard.

Suspended above Collins Street and accessible via a dramatic staircase or the glass lifts located nearby, the majority of Sky Park will be open-air, featuring lush green landscaping that allows visitors to soak up the sun in a wind protected environment. When it’s complete, the Park’s numerous seating options will create opportunities to linger a little longer, with the added benefit of staying connected. At Sky Park, high speed public Wi-Fi will be on hand, as well as power outlets and USB charge points.

The Park will be open to the public during business hours, Monday to Friday.

Titree Park

Titree Park

Still to come to Melbourne Quarter is the residential precinct’s centerpiece, Titree Park, which will be located on Flinders Street and linked to Collins Street via a North South lane. The park’s name refers to the stump and bails made from locally grown ti-tree for the first MCC cricket match, which was held at the foot of Batman’s Hill. With a sunny aspect and views towards the Melbourne CBD skyline, the park features a generous lawn, seating areas, BBQ facilities and residents’ Wi-Fi network, creating the perfect place for respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. 



Public Square

An active and vibrant destination on Collins Street, the public square will be located at the heart of Melbourne Quarter. Flanked by restaurants and cafes, the square is a place for everyone to connect through food, nature, art and events.

Gunpowder Lane, MQ

Gunpowder Walk

Named after the structure built by the colonial government in 1846 to safely store gunpowder on the north-west side of Batman’s Hill, Gunpowder Walk is a new laneway located between One and Two Melbourne Quarter.

In the spirit of great Melbourne laneways, Gunpowder Walk has been designed as primarily a pedestrian-only zone with outdoor café seating spilling onto the sidewalk. It also features a generous staircase and public lift that links Aurora Lane with Melbourne Square. We’re imagining it will become a key thoroughfare during the day, with big potential for after-hours events too — think, retail, art, and vibrant laneway activations.

North-South Lane

Meet Melbourne’s newest laneway, an intimate street filled with boutique retail, vibrant shop fronts, and places to explore, mingle and linger day and night. The North-South Lane connects two iconic Melbourne Streets — Collins Street and Flinders Street, providing visitors with an alternative pathway to Spencer Street. Featuring bluestone paving and the textures of Melbourne’s much-loved laneways, it creates a unique gradient topography between Flinders and Collins Streets to reinstate a sense of the famed hill that once stood in this location.