International Women's Day Art Mural

By Justine McAllister

Curator: Authority Creative Location: Gunpowder Walk mural (seasonal artwork on display with rotating art) Photographer: Piers Fitton


About this artwork

“The is a modern take on the classical depiction of the three charities or graces. These women were the three daughters of Zeus and represented youth/beauty, mirth, and elegance.  Painters and sculptors throughout history have created their own interpretations of the female trio.

My depiction is a representation that shows unity within diversity. They are unified by their embrace and are symbolic of women supporting other women despite physical differences. My three Graces are surrounded by bright florals to bring the image into a modern and vibrant context.”

About the Artist

Justine McAllister is a Melbourne based artist who specialises in large scale mural painting. Her bold and vibrant works are an amalgamation of her background in fine art with her love of colour and design.

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