From the architectural design of buildings, to underpinning infrastructure and public spaces, we’ve thought about our interaction with the planet, today and in the future. 

Awarded the highest sustainability rating for precincts in Australia through the 6 Star Green Star Communities award (representing ‘world leadership in sustainable design’), Melbourne Quarter will set new standards for sustainable design. A focus on adding value and reducing costs for customers has led to leading energy efficiency outcomes including low energy commercial buildings with high efficiency PV panels. 
We are placemaking from the ground up, taking into consideration the needs of our workers, residents and visitors. When evening falls, Melbourne Quarter will come to life with a smart LED public lighting and wayfinding system, which will be woven throughout the precinct’s ground plane. 

In building Melbourne Quarter, up to 90 per cent of all construction waste will be recycled as part of our Sustainability Action Plan. 95 per cent of all timber used in building and construction works will be procured from sources that undertake sustainable land and management practices or reused timber. 


Designed to achieve a 6-Star Green star rating, our commercial towers will be open air work environments that will aim to be resilient to climate change through a precinct climate change adaptation and resilience plan. 

Some of our other green initiatives in our workplaces include:

  • Low energy initiatives, including Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting and cabling technology, will connect the precinct’s office buildings, allowing for the simple transmission of data and power to all buildings in the precinct. 
  • Our optimised end-of-trip facilities offer employees alternative transport opportunities, integrating health and wellness offerings within our buildings from the ground up.  
  • Captured stormwater will be recycled at Melbourne Quarter for irrigation throughout the precinct. 



Effective urban greening is an essential ingredient to creating healthy, productive and resilient cities. Keeping this in mind, our residences will include a 40-storey green element, as well as seamless access to public parks. 

Titree Park will provide residents with a sunny aspect and views towards the Melbourne CBD skyline. With a generous, lush lawn, seating areas, BBQ facilities and residents’ Wi-Fi network, this will be the perfect place for respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, contributing to enhanced resident wellbeing and productivity.

Some of our other green initiatives in residences include:

  • LED lighting in all apartments
  • High thermal comfort achieved in-part through high specification glazing (NatHERS)
  • Improved ventilation via a dedicated kitchen exhaust 
  • High energy and water efficiency appliances.

The apartments will all achieve a 5 Star Green Star rating, representing ‘Australian Excellence in sustainable design’. This achievement is expected to result in*: 

  • 40 per cent less energy consumption 
  • 14 per cent less gas used
  • 28 per cent less potable water used 

* when compared to buildings built to meet minimum industry standards.