A community that cooks together stays together; or so we believe at Melbourne Quarter, where we’ve introduced shared indoor and outdoor cooking amenities in our residential spaces.

As a mutual meeting place, a place to relax, unwind or come together, communal kitchens can take on a dual purpose as a social gathering spot — not just a place to cook, and eat in.  

For residents of Melbourne Quarter, budding cooks will delight in our well-equipped kitchens offering appliances you might not have at home and the space to entertain more people for parties and events. Acting as a ‘third space’, such communal spaces also help to foster and build a sense of community and belonging for those living in these vertical communities. 

Head of Apartments for Lendlease’s Urban Regeneration business, Ben Christie said,  “Kitchens and shared dining areas are experiencing a revival because there is a greater overall emphasis on the need for a variety of residential facilities within apartment buildings.”

In response to this trend, Melbourne Quarter will introduce three private dining spaces with fully equipped kitchens, outdoor dining terraces and BBQ facilities overlooking the precinct’s Titree Park. The designs of these facilities will closely mimic Melbourne Quarter’s apartment kitchen designs, which feature high-quality fixtures and fittings with reconstituted stone bench tops, quality Italian cabinetry and European appliances including a Miele oven, cooktop and dishwasher. 

In a city like Melbourne for which food is a never-ending source of inspiration, and the primary way people come together, we think we might just be onto a winner.