We’ve designed Melbourne Quarter to meet the new needs of those working in urban environments, with a precinct that’s structured around a healthier lifestyle. In fact, 50 per cent of our neighbourhood is dedicated to open space, encouraging individuals and businesses to engage with others in dynamic new ways, in more natural surroundings. 

One of our proudest initiatives is Sky Park – an elevated oasis inside the city landscape of Melbourne. 

Suspended above Collins Street and accessible via a sculpturally dramatic staircase or the glass lifts located nearby, the majority of the Sky Park will be open-air, featuring lush green landscaping that allows visitors to soak up the sun in a wind protected environment. Numerous seating options will create opportunities to linger a little longer, with the added benefit of staying connected. At Sky Park, high speed public Wi-Fi will be on hand, as well as power outlets and USB charge points.

As cities grow and green space becomes limited, Sky Park will set a benchmark for sustainability in the future. It will showcase how green space can be created where it never previously existed, giving something of great value back to the community. 

With the first stage of the Sky Park now complete, our inner city oasis will be open to the public between 8:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday (at a minimum) and will be available to host private events after 6pm and on weekends. The remainder of the Sky Park will be constructed in conjunction with Melbourne Quarter Tower.