Gunpowder Walk is set to be an exciting addition offering workers, residents and visitors alike, a vibrant and diverse mix of retailers. Discreetly tucked behind the bustle of Collins Street, Gunpowder Walk connects outdoor dining and indoor retail with history, culture and more. 

Rich in heritage significance, Gunpowder Walk is aptly named to symbolise a city with an explosive narrative – in 1846, the colonial government decided to build a powder magazine on the north-west side of Batman’s Hill. Just outside of the growing township, the gunpowder was within reach when needed, but also a safe distance away from the most densely populated area of the colony.

Until now, Gunpowder Walk has remained untouched, but once again, at Melbourne Quarter it will be central to the revitalisation of a city.

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Gunpowder Walk is located between One Melbourne Quarter and Two Melbourne Quarter tower buildings, and can be accessed via Aurora Lane or Upper Aurora Lane.

Gunpowder Walk is accessible via Aurora Lane and Upper Aurora Lane – we look forward to seeing you there!