From salads and sandwiches to vegan delights, discover healthy food with heart at Melbourne Quarter.

You don’t have to travel far at Melbourne Quarter to find food that will make you happy. In fact, it’s almost impossible to eat a rainbow of fresh produce and not feel good—and science confirms it. Research by Deakin University[1] investigated the impact of a healthy diet and found that eating nutritious fare can significantly increase your mental health and happiness, and Melbourne Quarter’s nourishing food is exactly what you need. Discover vegan delights, fresh salads, artisan sandwiches and more, at these nourishing destinations that will satisfy your appetite and boost your mood… in just a few bites.

If you thought salads were a side dish, you might want to think again. Bluebag prides itself on making salads the hero of your lunch; they’re the main character, the MVP. Choose from one of their pre-designed bowls, incorporating nourishing delights such as grains and legumes, leafy greens, falafel, feta and all manner of tasty dressings - or choose your own adventure from the ‘Make Your Own’ menu. Their philosophy is simple: healthy food that tastes great. Everything is cooked fresh and served up with love, and while every item on their menu is delightfully affordable, love is one ingredient that money can’t buy. 699 Collins Street, Melbourne Quarter.


If you’re one of the approximately 500,000 vegans in Australia, you’ll be thankful to work in the vicinity of Melbourne Quarter’s Home Vegan Bar. This health-conscious establishment not only serves up food that’s both delicious
and nutritious’, but also boasts a menu that even carnivores will love. Vegan Pesto Chicken Pizza? Vegan Barbecue Pulled Pork Burger? You’ll find it all here, along with an extensive menu incorporating all manner of breakfast, brunch and lunchtime delights. From soups, salads and taco bowls to sweets and smoothies, Home Vegan Bar is living proof that plant-based food can be healthy and hearty. 669 Collins Street, Melbourne Quarter.