We believe that modern day offices are about so much more than work, and that actually, ‘work’ is no longer a place you go. This is why, at Melbourne Quarter, we’re delivering workplaces of the future that are more flexible, can accommodate varied functions, and provide reconfigurable spaces that adapt to changing business demands. By bringing innovative design together with technology, including an open public Wi-Fi network in lobbies and public realms, we’re creating agile, collaborative offices and businesses that nurture a sustainable work-life balance. 

‘Thirdspaces’ at Melbourne Quarter are also evolving the traditional co-working model by providing our clients with more flexible and dynamic places to do business, including membership-based lounges, pay as you go meeting rooms, and hireable, secure studio spaces, complete with desks and meeting rooms.  

We're integrating end-of-trip facilities into our commercial buildings, including bike storage racks, lockers, drying racks and change rooms, as well as bike repair stations to ensure that a healthy, active lifestyle is supported during and outside working hours. A proposed wellness centre will take this one step further with a range of health and wellbeing services and classes. 

The precinct’s first commercial building, One Melbourne Quarter, will be the initial representation of our vision for working in the city. Two Melbourne Quarter is scheduled for completion by mid-2020, while the final commercial tower, Melbourne Quarter Tower, will welcome its occupants in 2022. This is just the first of many stages of our evolving neighbourhood.

Once complete, the precinct is expected to accommodate approximately 13,000 workers and 3,000 residents and will create around 15,000 construction jobs over the life of the project.